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Welcome to PB & Pinot, my little corner of the food-obsessed web.

My name is Courtney. I’m a writer and editor who also really loves to bake. Peanut butter (PB) and pinot noir happen to be a few of my favorite things.

In the age of everything technological, this blog is my digital cookbook. Although I’m getting more into savory cooking, it still skews a little on the sugar-filled side. My sweet tooth is extremely overactive, so I try to balance it with healthy meals and gym visits. I’m passionate about food, wine and fitness — plus my husband, baby boy and dog, of course 😉





  1. I love your blog!!!!!! I would like to think I had a little influence in your passion for cooking as it is mine too and I have loved having you in my kitchen. Needless to say I am very proud and impressed with every part of your creation. Can’t wait to try many of the recipes. You inspire me and today I chose joy too. Thanks! G’ma

    1. Welcome back Courtney – I have missed your blog – love the recipes you share! I just happen to have some plain yogurt and was wondering what to do with it. It’s great to just be in touch with you and having some baking fun.

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