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Happy Friday! We returned from Pensacola, Florida this week only to be greeted by the harsh chill of Colorado weather. It wasn’t the warmest on the beach, but it also wasn’t 40 degrees and raining…so take me back please.

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I’m trying to get better about sharing my favorite restaurants here in Denver and on trips, because that’s how I usually (1) find new places from other people (2) remember where I want to go back to. I love having food recommendations lined up before going somewhere new!

So, for those of you headed to the Pensacola area anytime soon: go to Casino Beach! It’s a beautiful, modern restaurant right on the beach with a great view (duh), and the food is amazing. We tried their chips and salsa and casino nuggets to start, then I had the blackened shrimp tacos for lunch (and I’m already craving them again!). Our group also loved the Casino fish sandwich and the fish tacos.

Another favorite food place in Pensacola is Shaggy’s. This beachy burger bar is fun and kid friendly – plus it offers a delicious way to get your fried food fix. The picture below is the “Dirty Shagg,” a blackened fish po-boy, which Ryan proclaimed as “the best po-boy I’ve ever had.” (and yes, he cleaned this plate).

FL food

Plus, don’t miss out on the Wine Bar Bistro on the Portofino Boardwalk! We happened to make it for their wine tasting night, which I’d highly recommend. We weren’t sure if we’d even eat dinner there, but their food was so good that I can’t imagine missing out on it! Some group favorites included their classic BLT, margarita flatbread and bread pudding.

It was such a relaxing weekend (with, clearly, lots of amazing food) and some great workouts, too. We hit the resort gym, biked into town several times, and had a remarkably high number of handstand contests on the beach. Whatever works, right? 😉 We can’t wait to go back next year!



Have a great weekend!



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    1. Yay great restaurants there 🙂 Bummed we missed overlapping with you guys! And Ryan loves Cubans, we’ll to try that next time!

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