Sugar Cookie Bars

Oh hi, baby brain.

I thought you only existed during pregnancy, but you seem to be back in full force now. Or is it just officially “mom brain,” aka my new life? As someone who tends to have her head in the clouds a little bit anyway (spacey, creative, however you want to label it ;)), this is rough.

If I don’t write something down, it’s as if it was never even a thought. I’m relying on lists more than ever — especially the notes function on my phone. Any other tips here?

Anyway, several times a day I think of things I want to bake (like thisΒ andΒ these) or less fun tasks that need to get done (hello, folding laundry) — and it’s a feat if they are accomplished! So that’s basically what my ranting boils down to… a pat on the back for actually making these sugar cookie bars. Yikes! I’m sorry and you’re welcome. These sugar cookie bars had to be shared! They are soft and delicious, and they majorly cut down on typical sugar-cookie-making time. No chilling, rolling or cutting of the dough required.

Plus, this recipe makes a lot, so it’s a great one for class parties or family get togethers. Just change up the frosting color or sprinkles and you are holiday ready! Mom brain and all. Amen.

Get the sugar cookie bar recipe here.Β 

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